Curious about Tantra - but no idea where to start?!

Follow your CuriosityAgain and again I hear from all kinds of people that they are really curious about Tantra. But they have no clue where to start.

They are either too shy to visit a workshop or the workshops are just too expensive or feel intimidating. They want to wait until they have a partner or their partner is just not up for it.

So they either don´t do anything or they do what they would do with any other topic they want to learn more about:

They read a book…

Don´t get me wrong. There are really good books about Tantra out there. The only problem is:

Tantra is a deeply practical path that needs to be walked and experienced in the body!

Follow it deeper and deeper!The books about Tantra always are a little bit like cook books.

They are full of delicious recipes (practices) but most of them are way too difficult and too elaborate to put into action.

It is quite difficult to remember all the 20+ steps of the exercise and still focus on FEELING the effects. 

This is why I only wrote a little basic introduction instead of a 200+ page book with even more recipes that no one will ever follow through.

Psss: If you haven´t read it yet you can get it here – It´s free!

Instead I created what I would loved to have for myself when starting out with Tantra:

The Tantra Essentials Online Course

Instead of following complicated written instructions you can follow along the guided audio practices.

Imagine you are having your own personal Tantra teacher sitting next to you and guiding you through the most delicious Tantric practices!

I have condensed the most essential Tantric teachings into a comprehensive and concise step by step process.

Over the course of 5 Modules and 10 guided audio practices and meditations you will build up an embodied understanding about what Tantra really is.

There is no way around embodied wisdom when it comes to learning Tantra!

Before, these guided audios where only available as part of my high end 1:1 coaching programs. But these programs were often too much for someone who is just Tantra-curious.

That´s why I decided to condense my vast knowledge into 5 structured, comprehensive and concise follow-along Modules.

You'll learn:

At the end of this course you will have both the rational understanding and the embodied experience to fully get the benefits of the Tantric teachings!

  • How to connect to the biggest, bestest, hottest and boldest version of YOU that you can imagine!

  • How to activate the different energy points and centers within your body to increase the amount of sexual energy you are able to cultivate for pleasure.

  • The foundational keys of conscious sexuality and how to raise your sexual vibration.

  • You will learn to activate each of your senses and invite the divine into your sacred space and into your bodily temple.

  • A Tantric morning meditation you can use in your everyday life even if you don´t have the time for a full practice every day.

Tantra Essentials - The Ultimate Beginners Course to Tantra

Learning and understanding Tantra can never be done by only reading about it!

  • 01

    Module 1: Tapping Into Your Divinity

    Show Content
    • Tapping Into Your Divinity Overview
    • Practice: Creating an Empowered Identity
    • Meditation: The Tantric Enlightenment Meditation
    • Module 1: Journaling
  • 02

    Module 2: Tapping Into Your Energy Body

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    • Tapping Into Your Energy Body Overview
    • Practice: Dantien and 3rd Eye Activation
    • Meditation: Chakra and Nadi Activation
    • Module 2: Journaling
  • 03

    Module 3: Tapping into Conscious Sexuality

    Show Content
    • Tapping into Conscious Sexuality Overview
    • Practice: Conscious Self-pleasure Ritual for Women
    • Practice: Conscious Self-pleasure Ritual for Men
    • Meditation: Befriending the Body
    • Module 3: Journaling
  • 04

    Module 4: Tapping Into Sacred Sexuality

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    • Tapping into Sacred Sexuality Overview
    • Practice: Sacred Self-pleasure Ritual for Women
    • Practice: Sacred Self-pleasure Ritual for Men
    • Meditation - The Microcosmic Orbit for Women
    • Meditation - The Microcosmic Orbit for Men
    • Module 4: Journaling
  • 05

    Module 5: Tapping Into Living A Tantric Life

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    • Tapping into Living a Tantric Life Overview
    • Practice: Sex Magic Manifestation Ritual
    • Meditation: Blissful Tantric Morning Meditation (Short)
    • Meditation: Blissful Tantric Morning Meditation (Long)
    • Module 5: Journaling